Lora Dearing

Lora-Dearing-edMy name is Lora and since I can remember I have always loved making art. Art is Inspiring, its Transformative and it Captures Beauty. I apply this everyday to my work. Whether I’m Sculpting a beautifully arched brow or Transforming years of damage back to more youthful skin. Making the world more Aesthetically Pleasing with a Healing Touch. This is what I do for the past 16 years…..and I love it!


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My Prices

Dermasound facial $85
Rejuvenating facial $70

Brow wax $18
Lip wax $16
Chin wax $16
Full face wax $35
Half lef $48
Full leg $64
Bikini wax $35

Lash tint $24
Brow tint $18

Chakra balance $40
Headache relief $25

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